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    An electrician friend of mine said that when he started his business that he entered one parade and has been busy for over twenty years now.
    We thought we'd give it a try. We are entered in four parades yet this fall. We have a person on each side of the street passing out fliers with a list of our services on it and a few discounts for fall work.
    Thought I had a pic of the whole unit in one pic, but I guess I don't.
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    That is fantastic!

    What kind of reaction did you get from doing any parades so far?

    What about if you did something to add to the fun of it, say for instance, make a float on your trailer with a horse and call the float the lawn ranger. Then you could run with such a theme and have everyone wear a cowboy outfit and as you are handing out flyers, why not make it funner and hand out candy to the kids too?

    Or maybe instead of walking, they could be riding mowers without blades that they could drive along side and hand things out as well.

    Or maybe hire a local band to play on the trailer and have them look as if they are sitting on lawn mowers and call them the blue grass band.

    Or maybe have a kareoke singer that is really bad HAHAHHAHAHA

    Something like this could jazz it up and get people talking.

    What's your thoughts on something like this?
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