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Marketing with a silent auction

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  • Marketing with a silent auction

    I thought this was a very creative idea. Every once in a while you will see different non-profit organizations use silent auctions to raise money. Why not consider offering your services and get media attention while you are at it?

    I be you could come up with many different services to give away at an auction.

    Do you think this could help build goodwill in your community and get the word out about your business?

    Kansas City Lanscaper Donates Landsaping and Lawn Care Service to his Shawnee Mission KS School - Lawn Care and Landscaping services were a hot ticket item at a silent auction recently held in Kansas City. That's because this lawn care company donated free lawn care certificates and free landscaping service to be auctioned off.

    Some other things you might consider doing with a silent auction:
    • Go to the event and set up a booth.
    • Meet everyone you can
    • Hand out business cards and brochures.
    • Possibly set up a video display.

    You could be proactive with this and write to a bunch of local non-profit organizations to offer your services for their auction.

    Maybe get together with other local business owners to put on a silent auction of your own to raise money for a local charity or non-profit organization.

    Possibly do this for a group with access to a lot of people. Like the scouts, P.T.A., Police Athletic League, Library etc.
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    That is a great idea Steve, i have actually considered it a couple of times. My daughter is on a competition dance team and they need to raise money through out the year for several trips they take, and thought of providing some of my services for a raffle type thing they do. I love the idea, ( here we go ), BUT, i am just a one man crew, have guys that do alot of my extra work that i take on and don't have time for, but basicly me. I have had a hard time coming up with the amount of service to donate, for just a CHANCE of picking up some paying work.

    Would love to hear from some other companies who have tried this, and what there results where.

    How do you justify.... basicly free work?

    How do you determine how much time or what services to donate?

    And are those services or time, of enough value to be worth while for the raffle/ silent auction?

    Can't wait to hear your comments and/or suggestions.
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      Well I'd guess you'd have to consider how many people you could reach out to? How much would it be worth to you to reach out to that many people?

      Could you offer 1 month of free lawn care? Maybe that could be 2 free cuts or 4?
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