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    Everyone loves to see a driven young entrepreneur. We love to show them off so that other kids can see them as an example of what you can do if you put your mind to it.

    In this video a 12 year old lawn care entrepreneur talks about his business.

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    If you are a teen running your own lawn care business you should put together a little story about yourself and send it to the local media.

    If you are older than a teen, consider coming up with some unique hook about your business that might get the media interested in talking about you.

    What's your view on this?
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    That is excellent, our world needs more kids and people like him, they are the foundation to a strong economy. I was around his age when I started a lawn mowing and picket fence painting business, had three employees and we had a blast, picked up beer and pop bottles in between jobs, tied flies and shoveled snow in the winter, when I turned 14 I got into woodworking, made a lot more $$$ at it so I dropped mowing, still tied flies in the winter as the sports from the states going Salmon fishing on the North Shore of New Brunswick had to drive by our front porch, that is where I generally had my store.....I really miss those days as everything was so simple.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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