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    What else might you do then?
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      What else might you do then?
      I think for now lawn mowing is going to the back burner, if someone asks then yes we will do it however I think I have spent enough time and $$$ trying.

      It seems the demand is mini excavation followed by spraying then yard clean ups, we do have six wood chipping jobs to do next week, there is very little competition (only 2 companies in our city) and the competition charges crazy rates, $500.00 a day ++ for machine and operators (2), I advertised at $350.00 a day, that is 8 hours and said the homeowner can save money by being on site and bringing brush to the operator however we do not let them feed the machine, insurance etc.

      It does however bug me that I have all this equipment sitting here and people lined up and ready to come to work.

      I don't dare do it this year as I am not big enough yet, however the time will come in the future that if you want access to our sprays and services, then we have to do your mowing, this may be year two or three and yes there will be exceptions.

      What I see even the wealthy area doing is taking the $15.00 to $20.00 mow offers then I know when there is an issue, they will call to have their lawn fixed up, I have no choice but to do it, at least for now.
      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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        Yesterday and today I gave 21 estimates

        Yesterday and today I gave 21 estimates but only sold 1 (so far). Looking over the sales I have made (residential) they have almost all been to professional people. 4 College Professors, 1 Dentist, 3 Doctors, i Banker, 3 Veterinarians. Quite a few have been to retired people (former professional people. From the jobs I mowed last week, I received 3 referrals - again to professionals.

        Almost all of these lots have sprinklers and I was affraid of damaging them. I thought about it for a while until I was at Lowes getting Weed-B-Gon and saw some lawn flags. 18" steeel rods with Orange triangle flags - 100 for $7.95. Before mowing I walked the yards and put a flag at each sprinkler head. The home owner was impressed at my extra care (he didn't know it was to protect me) but was impressed anyway. It got me the 3 referals.

        For the non-professionals I have given estimates to, I have received no sales. So, I am no longer spending time and money to seek them out.



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