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Mother's Day Marketing Idea

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  • Mother's Day Marketing Idea

    Mother's day will be upon us shortly and I was thinking about was to promote a lawn care business on this holiday.

    What if, you took out a newspaper ad or worked with your local newspaper to do something nice for a local mother.

    Maybe your ad said something like, tell us about how great your mom is and we would like to do something great for her.

    Then maybe you have people submit a letter or an email talking about what makes their mom so great.

    You could then pick one of them to do something nice for their mom.

    Maybe you could create a landscape with pretty flowers and bushes, for a value up to $x of dollars.

    Or you brought over a couple of large potted plants to put on their stairs or front lawn.

    You could even hand out flyers or door hangers in your area and promote this.

    I bet you would get a great return and you could share the stories on your website along with who you choose to help redo their yard.

    You could then take a before and after picture and show off what you did. Put it on your website or possibly even make an article about it.

    Could you tie this in with other business in your area? Could you offer a free Mother's Day dinner in a local restaurant? Could you get a florist to give a dozen roses? How about a limo company to pick mom up?

    What kind of creative ideas can you come up with?
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