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Hosting a polar bear event?

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  • Hosting a polar bear event?

    Here is an article that includes a paragraph on a lawn care business owner who helped sponsor a polar bear club swim event.

    About 75 take the ‘polar’ plunge in Dumfries - Longtime restaurant regular Mark Clark helped sponsor the event this year and participated for the first time. His uniform of choice? A white T-shirt, Budweiser lounge pants and a fur-lined hunter’s hat.
    Clark, who runs Affordable Lawn Care, Landscaping & Tree Service, said it was a pleasure giving back to the community.

    “It puts a good feeling in my heart,” Clark said.

    It's a fun, silly and refreshing event. It gives the news something fluffy to write about. Maybe this will give you an idea about sponsoring a local event that has a similar silly feel to it. Or maybe you can come up with another event that you could host.
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