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    Let me make sure I am following along with you here. When you say perception is 90% of the yes factor do you mean the customer's perception that they are getting a good deal?

    What I really really like about this is it potentially maximizes your profits unless you find yourself getting too many #1 responses.

    Have you ever kept track and seen what the percentage of the responses are? That could really help you fine tune your prices further.

    What do you feel would be the ideal #1 % response, #2 % response, #3 or #4?
    Yes the customers perception.
    Response 1 is always great to hear, but that happens maybe 1 out of 5 times, normaly it is #2 or 4 which is fine with me that shows me they are interested in my service & I have the chance to make a higher return, my norm is aprox a 25% profit margin in myquite quote, then add the 20% on top , i usally get 10 to 15% 0f that to.
    Most people looking for lawn care dont get bids, they just use the 1st one they feel can do the job and makes them feel like they are getting a deal for what they get in return.


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