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Spring & Fall Marketing Idea, installing window air conditioners

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  • Spring & Fall Marketing Idea, installing window air conditioners

    I was thinking today that a lot of home owners have window mounted air conditioners and they need to take them out and put them back in every year.

    These things can be very heavy and I bet a lot of home owners would like you to take their air conditioner out of their window in the fall and re-install it the spring time. It would be a very easy procedure to do and it would also be a great upsell.

    Maybe you could even include this in your annual property maintenance contract.

    In fact, if they have wall mounted air conditioners, why not offer to install an air conditioner insulation cover over the winter months. These can also be put on window units.

    Promoting this on your website or in a flyer/door hanger would be a great way to offer more services and meet new customers.
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