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A compelling story helps you sell

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  • A compelling story helps you sell

    I was just reading a great article on how to get your product sold on QVC. Let me share with you a quote from the article.

    How to get your product on QVC - Something else the networks seek: A personality and a story to go along with the product. If you become a vendor, you will likely present your product yourself. You should be prepared with all the elements that go into making compelling TV, such as a good storyline with twists and turns. Youíll want to have themes and variations in your product line that you can discuss.

    I think a personality and a story to go along with your product or service is something that not only helps you sell on QVC but it also helps you sell to your neighbors down the street. These are the things that make you stand out and make you different from competitors. If I have a choice to get lawn care from someone I don't know and someone who I read in their marketing material that they are a local volunteer firefighter, I would pick the lawn care business who's owner was the volunteer.

    The better I can connect with the service provider, the better chance they have of winning me as a customer.

    So consider these things next time you are trying to stand out from others. Think about what makes you different and harness that difference!

    What makes you different?
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    thanks for the info steve, I'll try to use this in a few ways I'm sure..

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