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Lawn of the month marketing idea

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  • Lawn of the month marketing idea

    Here is a marketing idea that could attract you new business with little investment.

    What if you created a lawn of the month contest. Create a yard sign that says lawn of the month and each month pick a different lawn you service to become the lawn of the month. Stick the yard sign in the lawn and show off the property on your website.

    Then create a lawn of the month flyer. This flyer could say something like "We at Joe's Landscaping are pleased to announce the lawn of the month for Oct. 08 is Jim's lawn located at 123 Main St. Please when you get a moment, drive by their property to review it. I hope the yard inspires you with ideas on what we could do with your property as well. If you would like us to stop by and provide you with a free landscape analysis to see what we could do to improve your yard, call us at 555-8372.

    Hand these flyers out to homes in the area of the lawn of the month home.

    You could even present the homeowner with a trophy or a certificate that you printed out on your printer. Take a picture of you handing the homeowner the prize.

    Send a press release to the local paper with the photo and a little write up about your award.
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    I like this idea, hopefully my budget is alright next year so I can do such a thing.


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