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Pumpkin mug marketing.

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  • Pumpkin mug marketing.

    Pumpkin mug marketing.

    Here is an idea for your fall clean up marketing. Why not order something like a box of these mugs and tape a doorhanger to them and place them on the front steps of homes in your area? Or maybe insert a flyer into the mug.

    I found this site where you can buy 144 of these for $.68 cents each. I bet these would surely make an impression.

    Check out this site here to order the mugs.

    What if you loaded up a small trailer with them and then pulled it through your area with a mower while handing them out. Maybe say on the door hanger or flyer, Happy Halloween from your friends at Joe's Lawn Care. It would be nice and loud and attract attention.

    Or even better yet, along with your mower and trailer, get dressed up for Halloween, maybe with your kids and go trick or treating. Everyone will be answering their doors that day and here is a chance for you to hand them something. That would really catch them at a great moment.

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