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    Another thing I was wondering, do you have any thoughts as to how this company got so big? What factors do you feel made them stand out enough to grow and expand while most other lawn care businesses stay small?
    I think the fact that the founder is a OSU degreed Agronomist and a certified Arborist has helped a lot. We have also have several employees that went to school for horticulture. In a lot of our marketing material that is one of the things we promote. With the founder graduating from OSU and knowing the area it helps. He knows what works for the area and what don't. We are big on customer service, so I know when he started out, he did whatever the customer needed done. Many of the customers that he started out with are still with us. Another thing that may have helped are the employees. There are at least 6 employees that have been here for 10 or more years. The longitivity helps the customer get to know and trust their tech. The tech knows their yard and knows what to look for.


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      Do you have any idea what % of the customers were canceling? This could help figure out how much money is being lost and how much value should be put into a 'goodie.'
      We have about a 75% - 85% retention rate.


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        Consider including a postage paid envelope to make it easy for them to return, but when they do, send them a 'thank you' card with some type of gift card or other 'goodie' as a way of letting them know you appreciate their feedback.
        Have you thought about if you would send out some type of goodie to your new customers and what kind of things would you like to ideally send out?

        Could this be something you experiment with a % of the new customers to compare and contrast their retention rate with the other customers?
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