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Fall leaf clean up lawn sign ideas.

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  • Fall leaf clean up lawn sign ideas.

    How cool would it be if you could get a whole bunch of these fall leaf clean up lawn signs? Have them cut into the proper shape and then insert them through out the neighborhoods you service.

    It would be a really neat and visual way to offer your fall leaf lawn clean up services.

    Here is an idea for your lawn sign front and back.
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    Steve you really have some great ideas!! I love your comments and questions, you give me the impression your a lawn psychologist lol


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      It's a great idea, but I'd be careful about putting them in lawns of people that aren't your customers or haven't given you permission to do so.

      It will probably depend on your specific area, but I do know that there are laws against putting stuff in people's yards without their permission.

      Besides, it might leave a bad impression and instead of seeing it as a good thing, some people might see it as littering.

      However, it could be a great idea if implemented carefully.


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