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    Here is a video from our new friend Seth who recently joined up and said hi to us all.

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    Seth have you enjoyed making videos thus far? Have you found contractors utilizing video to promote themselves as well? Should they be doing this?
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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your kind words, and for subscribing to my videos on Youtube.

    I'll have to start stepping up my game now

    To answer your question: Yes!

    I think it's a great idea for contractors to make videos.


    Videos are a great way of connecting with people. Make your videos so they show off your personality. People do business with people they like. So show your unique personality with video. It's a way to make your business more human, which will help your sales.

    Remember, videos online don't have to be fancy, or even professional. When people view an online video, they don't look at it like it's on TV. Production quality isn't as important (my videos are a blatant example of this.)

    My advice is to throw up a video on your site. And watch what happens! Don't forget to make it a little fun too.

    Website tip: Throw your video up on Google Local. And fill out every single option on there, including coupons, photos, and 4 phone/fax/cell/other numbers. There is evidence this can rocket you up the local Google rankings.

    Anyway, it's good to be here. Thanks for the welcome!


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      These are all good points. Why don't you think more contractors use this form of marketing? Is it just too difficult to put together or what?

      I think the biggest mistake contractors make is not using direct reponse techniques.

      Direct response = Offer, plus Call to Action.

      Put simply, it's best to have a valuable offer to set yourself apart from the competition and provide your prospects with an incentive to contact your business.

      For example:

      On your truck sign say "Call today to get your free report about how to landscape your home to create a wonderful ambiance for entertaining friends and family."

      The report is your offer, and "Call today" is your call to action.

      It's pretty simple but it works.

      You can even interview your customers to ask them what ideas for offers they would find most valuable. Give them three examples you've come up with and ask them to choose one.

      Set yourself apart. You have signs anyway. Make them persuasive. Not just "Jim's Lawncare".

      The possibilities are exciting!
      So direct response doesn't have to be something like sending out postcards. It can be also done with truck signs as well? That is very interesting!
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