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Cheapest flyer I have seen yet

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  • Cheapest flyer I have seen yet

    This has to be the cheapest flyer I have seen yet! WOW! I don't think that would even cover your gas!

    And it looks like they only service yards at night???
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    thats gotta be a joke...


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      So are they only working the night shift?
      Dust til dawn? huh....

      I wouldn't even bother getting dirty for $5
      forget the gas.... it doesn't cover the water used in the washing machine, shower & the electricity to wash your clothes.

      I didn't think times were that #### tough, sheeesh.
      the average pizza delivery guy expects about a $5 tip & he just drives there & carries a pizza to te door! No way I'm putting out 20-30 min in labor for 5 bucks. what a morron.
      Well good thing is they won't be in business for long!

      I hope they get a huge response & a ton of business, they go in hauk real fast! Stupid people deserve to suffer! #### if they we're here I'd hire em to do my lawn for $5! "So what's your monthly rate? $15-16 bucks? done." haha. pinheads!


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        Wow...that's terrible. The lowest rate I have ever charged was $16, and that was for a 100 sq ft patch of grass in front of a condo.


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          Big typo. If they are that slow to catch the mistake on paper, how good is their quality of work. HMMMMM.Not good.



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