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UPS sponsors horse, what could you do?

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  • UPS sponsors horse, what could you do?

    We have talked quite a bit on the forum about how sponsoring events can bring you media attention. Here is a great example. UPS known as big brown has sponsored a horse also known by the same name! This really seemed to generate a media frenzy and look here we are talking about it now.

    In another post, James talked about sponsoring some mma fights to promote his clothing line. Could you sponsor some local event that would help get the word out about your business?

    UPS' gamble on Big Brown pays off - A horse by any other name simply wouldn’t have worked for UPS.

    Capitalizing on the buzz around thoroughbred racing’s biggest event, UPS has inked a sponsorship deal with Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown, who was named in honor of the shipping giant known for its distinctive brown trucks and uniforms.

    The marketing coup has already won big media exposure and brand recognition for the original Big Brown — a rare opportunity the company candidly concedes galloped straight into its lap.
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