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Clean Air Lawn Care gets more free press

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  • Clean Air Lawn Care gets more free press

    Clean Air Lawn Care has been getting tons of free press. Here is yet another article talking about the birth of this company. I say good for them for standing out and getting media attention. It is a feel good story.

    Does it make you wonder how you could get more free press for your business?

    Cutting the lawn, totally green - Sean Alter, 24, manager of the Seattle franchise of Clean Air Lawn Care Corp., mows a lawn in Mukilteo on Wednesday. The company uses electric lawn mowers and has solar panels on their trucks to recharge the batteries throughout the day. Alter says one of the best things about using the electric mowers is how quiet they are. Also, by partnering with a company that uses organic fertilizing methods, employees are not exposed to manmade chemicals. "You're actually just getting exercise," Alter says.
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