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Why FREE is such a marketing tool

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  • Why FREE is such a marketing tool

    This is such a fantastic article. I bet his book is amazing too. I gotta put it on my book list.

    When you see how powerful the word FREE can be in your marketing, you absolutely must consider it when creating your next marketing plan.

    What do you think of this view point the author suggests?

    Behavioral economist Dan Ariely says he isn't a logical consumer - and neither are you. - Question: What's one of our biggest, most illogical weaknesses as consumers?

    A. "Free" offers. When the price of something is said to be zero, it blinds us. We get so excited, we fail to realize that we'll end up paying in some way.

    Question: For instance?

    A. When I bought a car a few years ago, I debated between two choices. One was less practical but had a special deal going for it: free oil changes for three years. This sealed the decision for me. Later I realized that since I don't drive much, it was only $150 to $200 in savings. And in the end I was left with a less practical car.

    The book "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions."
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