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Stolen yard signs gets media attention

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  • Stolen yard signs gets media attention

    It's amazing what you can get press on. This lawn care business owner got his local paper to write an article about his lawn signs disappearing.

    I bet he got more attention because of this article than he did with his signs.

    So I applaud him for using this opportunity to get more attention.

    I hope this makes you think about ways to get attention too.

    Lawn care business owner says firmís yard signs are disappearing around Enid - The disappearance of some signs may slow down Lenny Julianoís lawn mowing business.

    Juliano, a sophomore at Wesleyan College in Bartlesville, has a successful summer lawn mowing business in Enid. He recently had some signs professionally made to advertise his business and placed some of them at the entrance to areas where many of his customers live. Six of eight signs have disappeared.
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    We had this happen to us a few years back we had a total of 25 taken and we found one covered up wit stickers at corner we had ours silkscreened so you cant take off the lettering and we were driving one day to a landscape job and looked over and seen thru a sign it said our name underneeth it they just covered up our print with vinyl and put it on the corner we buy ugly houses we called them up and argued with them and they said do something about it.


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