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Marketing Disasters??

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  • Marketing Disasters??

    We just sent out a small direct mail campaign( soliciting new clients for lawn fertilize accounts). This was over 5000 pcs all letters. Then it snows over a foot two days later, what a fluke. Then again just my luck. Anyone else experience a similiar situation?? What do you think the results will be? Usually we obtain a 1/2 percent sale rate off these, not response rate and often we start sending these out mid Feb and I decided to hold off until the 5th of March this year because of the variances with our weather. However in our area most big companies had started doing applications during the middle of February. So I really felt we needed to get these started before most big companies had already finished round 1. Usually by Mid March the large companies are 90% finished round one and moving to Round two. So we had to get these out.
    Dreamscapes Unlimited LLC

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    Hi Rich,

    How many years have you done this?

    Also do you send out your mailings multiple times to reach out to the same potential customers?
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