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  • Themed interest in your business

    I was just talking with Silas. He showed me his updated website and it really has a great theme! In fact he has taken on to the concept of theming his business more so than most.

    Check out his site!

    Here are some of the questions I asked him and am waiting for a reply.

    "Can you tell me how you got so interested in Arthurian literature? What about that stood out to you? I just love the way you incorporated that interest into your lawn care business!

    Have you been able to do things to promote your interest in Arthurian literature and your business at the same time? For example maybe having some kind of discussion seminars at local libraries or churches on the topic? Setting up some kind of displays? Possibly hosting some kind or Renaissance Festival?

    From his site.

    "With a love for Arthurian literature and for service, Silas decided to name his business after King Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur. The mere thought of Excalibur harkens back to the time of knightly virtue, where honor, integrity, courtesy, and faithfulness were expected rather than the exception. Excalibur Lawn Care shall strive to maintain these values that clients expect from any professional business. Along with staying true to these values, Excalibur Lawn Care shall seek membership and certification through PLANET to rise to the next level of professionalism."

    What are your thoughts on that?"

    There are so many ways he can go about promoting all of this. I love themes because they really make you stand out from others.

    What's your view?
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