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  • Good deed get your name out

    We talk a lot about how performing good deeds can help get your name out. Remember, you can either leverage your money or your time to get your name out. When you don't have money to spend, then spend your time to market. These guys did and they got themselves in the local paper.

    Does this get you thinking? Also remember how important it is to let the newspaper know of your good deeds or ask the person you are helping to contact the paper.

    If they don't know about you, they can't write about you.

    Helpful young people - On New Year’s Day, I was shoveling the six-plus inches from my neighbor’s driveway since they were on vacation.

    Two young men, Randy Scott and Dan Kotscharjan from Randy’s Lawn Care in Cary, were driving by and stopped to see if I needed help.

    I told them I couldn’t pay them, and they said that it didn’t matter. These two nice, young men had been plowing most of the night, yet they were willing to stop and help me finish shoveling the driveway.

    With their help, the driveway was cleaned for my neighbor’s return home.

    It goes to show that there are young people who are caring and helpful, and I will be forever grateful for the help from these two nice, young men.
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