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  • Referral markerting.

    Here is an interesting article on referral marketing. In the article it talks about Nutri-Lawn offering a $40 credit to customers if they refer a friend or family member for lawn care service.

    Have you thought of using a referral marketing method? If so, what are you offering?

    Refer With Care Legal Considerations For Referral Marketing Programs - Nutri-lawn which offered a $40 credit to customers if they referred a family member or friend who signed up with the company for lawn care service. The practice of referral marketing has increased in recent years due to the ease of distribution of electronic messages over the Internet and in recent times, the popularity of social networking websites which allow companies to effectively focus referral marketing campaigns on target markets.
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    I do a referral program but it is kinda different in a way. It is a Customer Referral Program. Not just a LEAD.

    For those of you that do not kown or understand the difference between a referral and a lead here it is.

    Lead, A name generated as a potential client, issued by another party with no pervious contact, for you to follow up on. These are Maybe's.

    Referal: A name generated with at least one contact and is expecting a call from you. These are up to you to sell. They have already been informed about your services or product and are interested in hearing from you.

    My Customer Referal Program comes from the old days. This is customer based and works quite well in the past so I have implimented it to this industry. I have done this for years and it isn't a new concept. We offer a Night out (Dinner on us) at Outback, Longhorn or Applebee's, these are only a value of $15, $25 or $50. Gives Mom and Dad a nice dinner on us.
    I dont limit the number of referals a customer can give in a month or in a year. Do NOT GIVE CASH, IRS can say they are independent sales contractors if you do and they go over the $599 in money received from you for referals could trun into a big mess.

    Gift Cards Now use to be Gift Certificates
    $15 = $99-199 value of new customer service
    $25 = $200-399 value of new customer service
    $50 = $400-up value of new customer service

    This is how we do our referal program


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      I just started this referral program. For every person a customer gets to sign up for a year of maint. or a landscape project.....they will get their choice of $25 off service, or gift card to Wal-mart or Lowes. I thought about giving cash, BUT I thought for a second and for the reasons realhuntin mentioned, I opted to go this route. Plus I can write off gift cards.


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        I send these out with my prepay letters, and leave one with their invoice for their first and second application.

        If you want a price on these let me know. I also did one in the size of a postcard on the postcard section of the Plan-it Graphics site.


        Lawn Care Designs and Printing. Postcards, Door Hangers, Brochures, Business Cards, and Logos. Or anything else you might need!


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          What does it cost for the " business reply stamp"?
          How do you go about getting it and using it properly?
          Is it restricted by weight class?

          Thanks in advance



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            Bare with me here, I don't know the prices exactly, but if you go on you can sign up for the Business Reply Permit Number. Its very simple. Once you pay, I believe its about $100 per year, they will give you a PDF(image) file of the front of your postcard. Once you create your final mailer (I.e. the Fore-Ever Green one I posted) they suggest taking it to your post office an make sure they approve it.

            Im sure you know, but just in case... You only pay for the mail sent to you. You could distribute, 4billion and if only one comes back, thats all you pay for. It is more expensive, i believe everyone of those postcards cost me about .80 cents when they get sent to me.

            "Is it restricted by weight class?" Im not quite sure what you mean. I only use it for postcards, so I've never put my "permit number" on anything else. Never really had a need for a customer to mail me back something heavier.

            Hope this helps,
            Lawn Care Designs and Printing. Postcards, Door Hangers, Brochures, Business Cards, and Logos. Or anything else you might need!


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