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Contacting the media after a large project?

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  • Contacting the media after a large project?

    Have you ever thought about contacting the media after you install a large project?

    That's what happened with this lawn care business. I'd like to see this job! I bet a lot of other local residents are reading about this lawn care business today.

    Good for them for getting an article written about them.

    Casey’s Lawn Care - Visitors to the spa cross a footbridge over a pond fed by a multi-tiered waterfall. Thousands of carefully placed stones, flowers and trees give the scene a natural and rustic look.

    The pond is illuminated by underwater lighting and kept clean by a filtration system. About 22,000 gallons of water flow over the waterfall each hour. The plants are vibrant, periodically misted by an advanced automatic irrigation system. The footbridge is heated, keeping it free of snow and ice in the winter.

    Outdoor lawn care expert Casey Smith and his crew labored for weeks to create the outdoor work of art which he describes as resembling a setting at Busch Gardens, and helps to set the mood for visitor’s to the spa which specializes in healing, relaxing and beautifying its patients.
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