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  • auto dialing campaign

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a message??

    it needs to be max 30 sec.

    but the shorter the better because i can get more calls out.

    ex. Hi this is got grass landscaping. we are currently offering free estimates for mowing, trimming, and egding. press 1 now to schedule your quote.. pause we also offer a referral program, refer 1 customer get your lawn cut for free 1 time and if you refer 10 customers you get a fall clean up valued at $250. press 1 now pause For your free estimate or referral 1 now pause please press 2 to be removed from our list

    what do you think??

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    The thing I wonder is, should you offer some type of offer? Like maybe a press 1 for a free estimate. Order now and you will also be eligable for a X% off coupon on your first service of $X or more.

    Would something like that be better than offering a referal program on the message? Would it get them to jump?
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      now is this a system that automatically calls homeowners houses?


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        yes i set it and forget it!

        its a 24 line autodialer

        i put in the data and it just goes!

        its awesome

        it worked well in the mtg industry.

        cant wait to see what it does


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          how does it work out with the do not call registery?


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            I know this is too late to include this in the message, but maybe you can keep it in mind for next time.

            I would have made a stronger offer. Instead of just offering free estimates (every one does those these days), I would have offered a free '21 point lawn care analysis' with an opportunity to get XX% off.

            Now, what's the 21 point analysis? It's simply the free estimate except you have 21 different things (or some other relevant number) you check and then give recommendations on. It's really nothing more than your regular estimate, but by giving it a title it makes it sound much more valuable and people will be more interested to get it.

            So, here's what I would've said in the message:

            "Hi, this is Chestin from Got Grass Landscaping. I wanted to call to let you know that for the next 2 weeks only we're offering our 21-point lawn care analysis for free. This thorough analysis will give you a detailed picture of the state of your lawn and provide you with several recommendations for making it the greenest, thickest lawn in the neighborhood.

            To schedule your free, no obligation appointment, simply Press 1. If you'd prefer to not receive further notice of our special offers, simply Press 2.

            Remember, we're only offering this no committment 21 point analysis for the next 2 weeks so Press 1 to schedule your appointment now!"

            There's a couple of key elements that were missing from the original message that I added to this version.

            Anyone have any ideas what they might be?


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              Quote[/b] ]There's a couple of key elements that were missing from the original message that I added to this version.

              Anyone have any ideas what they might be?
              Possibly offer a third option? Where you can sign up for a free lawn cut with an annual contract?

              Ack, I can't think of anything else.
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                Ok for those of us that don't know anything about this auto caller thing can you tell me how to find out more information on it? This is actually something I could do from anyone of my other two business' while there is down time.
                I think this is a great idea and in such a large area as here in Hampton Roads, we could drum up a lot of new business for CleanLawn. By the way Hampton Roads is the following cities in Virginia - Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Pungo and Virginia Beach (Williamsburgh and Yorktown might be included in this too) but needless to say its a large area! But I think this would be good here too.


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                  Here are 3 different voice broadcast services that you could use:


                  They all have pretty easy online setups and their prices are reasonable. I've never used, but they have the cheapest rates. $03.5/minute compared to $.05 to $.15/minute with others.


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                    Maybe it was just me but you said what the original post said again but you dressed it up. A free lawn estimate = everyone is doing that but a 21-point lawn analysis sounds like your getting the royal treatment when in fact it is the same exact thing.
                    You also gave the customers a timeline, which is 2 weeks. Without a timeline to me it sounds like this is something you do all the time but a trying to dress it up and sell it. Most people don't know that these services are offered all the time. They feel like your doing something special by the 21-point lawn analysis being done special for 2 weeks only. Frankly, I would be more likely to call someone selling the 21 point lawn analysis over the everyday I can do this estimate in my sleep because I do it so much.
                    Then giving the customer the knowledge of what they can or cannot do themselves to fix their lawns makes them feel like they have the power to choose to do it themselves or have a professional do it.
                    The referal section was left out of this one. Honestly I don't think it needs it. I think it sells as is but if you wanted to add it then do what was suggested as the free lawn cut with an annual contract or offer it when you come out to do the 21-point lawn analysis.
                    Frankly, I would like a little more detailed information on what you would have as part of the 21-point lawn analysis because I personally like it. I think its so much more professional than the free lawn estimate. Wow! That is exactly what I thought when I saw it. Overall this forum is just incredible with the amount of information that is available on it for new, old and wet behind the ears (which is what I still consider myself) but I had to emphasis it again. WOW and thanks!!!
                    Some of the ideas and suggestions that I have received from here are great and Got grass? has come up with some awesome ones too!
                    Right now I have offered to my newcomers something very much smaller than that 21-point analysis and some of them have taken the opportunity to do for themselves my suggestions and a few asked me for estimates.
                    BTW I still have not heard back from Merchants which isn't looking good. Oh well