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    I never took part in the show, mostly because I love browsing through it. The food is good too! Mostly I would talk to people at the different landscape materials companies, the mower shop exhibits, the nurseries, etc. and get to know them. exchange business cards and move on. The best thing I learned was to follow up with the people after trading cards. For example, I would visit them a few days later or call them and reintroduce myself and let them know I didnt forget about them. Buy a plant from them, or whatever it takes for them to remember me the next time an opportunity arises that they will need my services.
    Which brings up another point. Something I do at least once per year is buy a nice little gift for my main customers to let them know I appreciate their business. Like maybe a cookie platter, or a candy basket around easter time, etc. The ladies really appreciate it. I wonder if anyone else does this.
    I do this for the nursery I buy most of my plants from also.
    Northern California


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