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3 teen brothers get media attention

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  • 3 teen brothers get media attention

    Here is another article that focuses on three teen brothers who run a lawn care business.

    When you are thinking about a press release, think about what makes you different. What makes your story stand out?

    Three teen brothers running a lawn care business, well that seems different. Good for them for pulling together and working together.

    Each one of us has a unique story we can use to push us to the next level.

    Keep thinking and experimenting!

    Teen siblings turn lawn care business into green - Jacob, Jarod, and Jordan enjoy their free time these days, hitting golf balls around the house before cranking up their lawn mowers for a full day's work.

    Twins Jacob and Jordan are both 13, and their older brother Jarod is 14. Together the three of them run Dotson Lawn service, a business they started three summers ago.

    "When we first started, we had an old mower that used to be our dad's," Jacob says. "We talked to our neighbor who was our first customer, and we asked him if he wanted us to mow his yard and he said 'yea'."

    "Probably have a couple of trucks by the time we're in college and stuff, workers and everything," Jarod says.
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    another great story that I would love to check up on these guys a few years down the road to see where they are at


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