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Grouping your customers.

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  • Grouping your customers.

    Wow, great ideas in this forum. *Here's another idea I haven't seen covered.

    Many subdivisions have entrance drives with large brick signs with the name of the subdivision surrounded by grass, shrubs, and flowers. *These are perfect marketing points for your business. *

    It is often worth maintaining the Entries at cost (or even below). *As you go about your work, be sure your truck and your sign are clearly visible for all the home owners to see when they are on their way in or out of the subdivision. *

    Time your work. *Be there as everyone is leaving for work. *Have a large sign that reads "Want your grass cut TODAY? Ask for a FREE ESTIMATE." *If you know the layout of the lawns, you can give the estimate, and often collect the payment, right there at your truck. *

    A subdivision with 25 customers often beats 50 customers all over town.

    Saving gas = *


    Start a profitable lawn care business.

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    Keith that is a great idea. How would you suggest one go about contact a sub division to maintain their sign. Should they do it for free if they are allowed to put their own sign up to promote their business?
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