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    If you are just starting out your business, or even if you have been around for a while. It doesn't hurt to contact your local paper and give them a small press release about your company.

    Joe and Erin Higham, of Forever Green Lawn Service, got free publicity in their local paper.

    Couple Launches Lawn Care & Landscaping Business - For those who haven’t the time nor the talent to keep a yard looking beautiful, a Socorro couple has opened a new business that specializes in just that.

    Owned and operated by Joe and Erin Higham, Forever Green Lawn Service, provides landscape design and installation, and weekly maintenance.

    “We have experience in all sorts of landscaping, from traditional lawns to xeriscaping,” Joe Higham said. “We meet with our clients and discuss how they want their lawn or yard to look. We can either do the landscaping or provide recurring maintenance on their present lawn.”

    Regular maintenance is based on a weekly fee calculated by property size, and the nature of the property.

    Landscaping is a point of pride for the couple.
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