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10 Key Elements to Rockin’ Direct Mail Sales Lette

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  • 10 Key Elements to Rockin’ Direct Mail Sales Lette

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    10 Key Elements to Rockin’ Direct Mail Sales Letters, Postcards, or Flyers.

    Quote[/b] ]As a continued follow-up to the ‘Jumpstart Your Spring Marketing’ package I offered earlier this week, I wanted to share with you the highlights of an article I recently wrote. The title of the article is ’10 Key Elements to Creating Sales Letters, Postcards, or Flyers That Get Results’.

    In a nutshell, here are what I consider to be the 10 critical elements to creating a direct marketing piece that generates above average results:

    1. Use An Attention Grabbing Headline

    2. State the Problem Your Prospect is Having

    3. Agitate the Problem

    4. Paint a Picture of a Brighter Future

    5. Lay Out Your Solution

    6. Overcome Objections

    7. Present A Valuable Offer

    8. Create A Strong Call To Action

    9. Create Some Urgency

    10. Don’t Forget the P.S.

    If you decided against taking me up on the Spring marketing package I offered, be sure to keep these 10 elements in mind as you create your Spring marketing materials. If you do, I promise you’ll see some fantastic results.

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