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What’s the Best Use of Your Marketing Dollars?

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  • What’s the Best Use of Your Marketing Dollars?

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    What’s the Best Use of Your Marketing Dollars?

    Quote[/b] ]I guess if I had to rank the top 5 uses of marketing dollars as it relates to the typical methods most LCO’s use from most effective to least effective, I’d have to rank them as follows:

    1. Direct Mail – either sales letters or postcards
    2. Creating referral systems for existing customers
    3. Marketing to ‘Center of Influence’ businesses that are non-competing and already servicing your target customer
    4. Leave behinds – flyers, door hangers, or other sales material left at the prospects door
    5. Website - 100,000’s of potential lawn care customers are going online looking for their service providers – are you there to be found when they’re looking?

    Sure, there are lots of other methods you could choose, but those are where I’d concentrate my marketing dollars initially. Of course, you have to take into account things such as budgets, effectiveness, etc., but these 5 methods will typically generate the biggest bang for you marketing buck.

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