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Landscaping business gives back to community

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  • Landscaping business gives back to community

    Something interesting to consider is this. If you have more time than money and you want to leverage your time to get advertising, you can do such community projects. When you have more money than time, you might spend more on advertising and be less inclined to give away your time.

    What's your thought on this?

    Landscaping business gives back to community - The pouring of dirt means the pouring of hearts for one charity.

    That's because all of the profits from Ronnie Mitchell and Son's landscaping project outside of the McDonald's in Rocky Mount is being given right back to the Ronald McDonald House.

    It's all part of the plan says Mitchell's son, a recent Virginia Tech grad. He wants to make giving back to the community permanent.

    Just how much of every project hasn't been decided.

    But we do know this particular project will amount to a couple of thousand dollars for the charity.
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