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  • Can we learn something from music industry

    I heard a song on the radio and checked out the band's website.

    The band is Army of Anyone.
    "Army of Anyone is comprised of Filter vocalist Richard Patrick, brothers and former Stone Temple Pilots bandmates Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo, and seasoned session/touring drummer Ray Luzier, who played with David Lee Roth from 1997-2005."

    On their main site, you can listen to their songs and there are links to their videos on youtube.

    How cool is that. You can watch these videos and listen to the songs without saving them and you can get really into the band. It's amazing. It also makes you wonder what audio / visual experience you could be giving to your customers to get them into your company.

    I bet you are going to see more and more lcos with videos on their website.

    What's your view?

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