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The good old 12-point marketing checklist

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  • The good old 12-point marketing checklist

    Have you ever taken this into consideration when working on your marketing? Quite interesting.

    The good old 12-point marketing checklist - One of the biggest problems with marketing, in particular elements such as advertising and PR is that they are often conducted in isolation and without cross checking on elements with which they might be in conflict. A simple example is the number of times a company launches an ad campaign without distribution having been finalised and ending up in a situation where consumers go into the store to buy the product they saw advertised, only to find it is not in stock yet. Or working out pricing without including cost of sales.

    A huge indictment on the marketing industry is a search for "marketing mix" in Google. You will get 1.6 million results - all of them probably different.

    Four Ps

    In the US, the marketing mix is generally understood to be the far too simplistic "Four Ps" (Price, Place, Product and Promotion).

    In the UK, they have 15 fairly complicated elements to the marketing mix, but the one that makes most sense is Colin Ad****'s 12 point version:

    * Product
    * Research
    * Pricing
    * Branding
    * Packaging
    * Merchandising
    * Distribution
    * Selling
    * Sales promotion
    * Advertising
    * Public relations
    * Promotion

    Quite simply, Ad****, argued, if one makes sure that each of these elements does have anything in them that conflicts with any of the 11 others, the risk of marketing failure is reduced to very little
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