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    What do you put in your marketing packets for commercial accounts? I have some ideas, such as: a nice introduction letter, our insurance, license and bonding information. Any other ideas?

    What order do you put the documents in? How do you get in the door?

    I have an idea to call from the yellow pages, but not sure what I should say. This way doesn't let me know if they even have grass to mow. Any script ideas? What's your ice-breaker?

    I know we should cultivate relationships with business owners, but we are new to the area and don't have many relationships to get started with.

    Also, do you solicit via email (if so, where do you get the email from?), snail mail, door-to-door, phone, or some other way?

    Missus P

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    Local chamber of commerce will help with networking,

    Pamphlets include

    Description of business
    equipment list
    insurance binder
    proposal for services


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      What Jrs said, and also I always keep an eye on the newspapers in your area for commercials putting out bids...spring time...little late for them putting ads out this time of year but I've had good luck finding bids in the papers.

      Also run an ad on the radio, introduction etc...lawn maintenance/landscaping etc...commercial and residential...fully insured etc etc you get my point...

      Most radio stations can do it for you or you can sit in and do it yourself, but good advertisement!


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        Have you checked out the free lawn care business letter section here?

        There are a bunch of letters to ask to be put on the bid list and other letters you may want to send to potential commercial customers.

        Also I have a big section in my blog on how to get commercial lawn care customers here.

        Lastly I even have a book on it here. How To Get Commercial Lawn Care And Snow Plow Customers.

        I'd say first though check out the free letters. They will give you a good start. To find out who to contact, you need to figure out which properties you want to service in your area. Find out who manages the properties.

        If it is a strip mall, call the realtor or management company you will see if there are any spots for lease. Otherwise you need to look into it a little further to find out who manages the property.

        If it's a fast food franchise, ask the manager how to get in touch with the home office of the owner of that local to get on the bid list.

        It all comes down to finding out who is your contact. Then you can send them letters and follow up with phone calls to get on the bid list and stay in the back of their mind as the company to call when they need lawn care.

        Keep me posted if this helps.
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