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  • Marketing to the big companies customers

    I recently saw the first flags in my area posted by scotts .
    Well I think they are idiots for putting down fert now with the ground still cold and just thawing out (temps have not yet hit 50) and they were doing it in the rain.

    Having said that I know all the big companies applicators have application goals and productivity goals but I fell It is a good oppertunity to get some new customers.

    So my thought was to write down the address and send the customer a letter introducing myself and Services and tell them why the should switch to a small one person company.

    But I need a letter so thats when you experts come in, any help with a letter would help.

    My goal 300 fert and squirt customers as a base.
    0-10k lawns all within 10 miles of my house.
    My price is 99.00 for 3 applications when I talked to people they all said dam I wish I knew that sooner I sent my payment In last winter.


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    If you are targeting a select group of customers like this, is there any chance they are locked into a contract and would not be able to take you up on your offer?
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