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  • Thinking of trying door hangers

    I was thinking of ordering some hangers to put out this year. Ive never used them before. What is everyones take on them? Do you have issues with people getting pi$$ed putting things on their door? Just curious. Pretty affordable advertising, thought I might give it a shot.

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    I've never had a problem with people. The response rate wasn't too good though. I did about 1,200 and got 1 call for an aeration. She wanted a weekly mow, but was VERY picky, so I turned it down.

    If its affordable its worth a shot!


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      wat can you find out who lives out of state and just have summer house in Maine. I know the tax on a house is diff if your only part time living there. I would check to see if you can get a tax list. Everyone i know with summer house gets their lawn done no time to do it them self


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        door hangers

        We put out about 8,000 per season. That is how we started our business and we will continue using them. I would suggest making your own and then take them to a print shop. I get 4,000 made that are two sided for $200. Well worth the investment.


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          We put out about 8,000 per season.
          What strategy do you feel works best with them? Putting them out all at once or hitting the same locations multiple times throughout the year? When do you start and how long might you wait in between putting them out again?
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            We do our flyers before Spring, Starting of the Summer months when we slow, and before the Fall. I have tried all different flyers, door handles, etc., and we have gained about 25 full time customers, and a customer base of about 100. We have been covering the same houses and always try to add new areas. I can't figure out why, but in the very wealthy neighborhoods, we do not even get any calls. We still go back to them because of what people say to do in respect to door hangers. My company has the best flyers, a truck with all the lettering, an enclosed trailer with logo, and I see people doing yards in these neighborhoods with push mowers, broken vehicles, and to boot, leaving grass clippings in their driveways. I don' t get it. We did pick up one account because we accepted credit cards, and the previous mower charged $35 for this yard. I charge $48 and miss priced it, should be $60. We will keep putting our info out and see what happens. Keep you posted.


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              With doing 8K flyers, post cards, door hangers, etc how long does it take you to deliver them? Do you do it yourself or hire people? Any helpful hint to it?

              The reason I ask is last year I handed out 1,000 post cards, and only got 1 call for an aeration. She wanted me to take over mowing, but she was already a huge PITA, so I turned it down. I picked up 20 clients with craigslist, but want to branch out more. I changed some things around this year and have a feeling I turned off a lot of customers...therefore a backup plan is needed. I plan to start full blown advertising in early to mid march.


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                door hangers

                We actually do all the flyers ourselves, my wife and I. I actually put them in the newspaper box on the mailbox or hand it on the arm of the mail box. I park the truck and either walk or use a bike and deliver. I have already started this year, doing about 200 a day. I have also have made a website last month and put it on the flyers. Our webpage has had over 50 hits in 1 week of putting flyers out. I hope it gets us a lot more business.


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                  If you do flyers you gotta go big. I did a few runs of 2k and only got a few calls from price shoppers.


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                    I'll have to do that...just strap on my walking shoes and hit up a few neighborhoods. The houses near me are all close together. My town alone as over 55,000 people, so theres a lot. I had an idea of putting magnets on mailboxes that are attached to the house....but heard it's illegal. Oh well.


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                      Our webpage has had over 50 hits in 1 week of putting flyers out. I hope it gets us a lot more business.
                      Have you thought about putting a QR code on your flyer so people can scan with a smart phone and link to your site. it's free

                      <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="QR Code photo qrcodewillslawns_zpsac0fba3b.jpg"/></a>


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