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New To Forum And Buisness Need Flyer Opiniions

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  • New To Forum And Buisness Need Flyer Opiniions

    Made up a few flyers to hand out. Hoping to get a few opinions from some experienced guys. Have been doing lawns about 10 years for 10 accounts. Just decided to ramp it up and try and make it a full time business.

    Thanks for any comments positive or constructive criticism. Thanks

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    Welcome to our forum!

    I think your designs are very creative. One of the things you might want to try and do when you are designing a flyer is to squint your eyes a little bit and see if you can still read the text.

    When you have text the same color as the background, your text can get lost.

    Another point is to use the headline of the postcard as a way to grab the readers attention. Try to avoid putting your business name at top because that won't mean as much to a reader as a headline that offers a service they are in need of.
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