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  • Marketing with door hangers

    Ok, I am working with Office Depot on flyers .... To get me going.... Im new .The set up fee is about 24 dollars. and the price of 80 cents per 3 door hangers. Ok. I am looking at a somewhat custom name brand. nothing special. just curved letters . But I cant get it with Office Depot. Well i just want something a little different. And also a nice logo from.. wherever . but I am having a hard time getting what I want in this package. I have looied at one ove the printing services linked here, and gone thru the talking to a specialist . but she /he/they want 99 dollars to get going. I need advice.

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    That sounds like a lot of money for your flyers. I would shop that around. I have used some of the templates on this site and had them printed for about 6 - 8 cents per flyer. I use a local printer with a good reputation. I don't pay any set up fees and I take his advice on how to keep cost down and impact high.


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