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  • Postcards or Doorhangers

    My main question is which works better: postcards or doorhangers? If I were to use postcards I would be starting with the ones I have and sending about 100 of them to my targeted area. However, I am wondering if placing doorhangers will be a better marketing strategy to focus on. Please let me know what you all think.

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    I've been told post cards work the best. What I do if I'm looking in a certain area is I drive threw the neighborhood and see about how large the yards are,and then I average the price i would charge to maintain them. Then either have door hangers made saying what you will perform in there monthly service and the monthly price. So when they call you they already have had there estimate and what you will perform for that price.


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      I do about 80 door hangers an hour (postcards with holes punched in the corner and a rubber band feed throw) or mail them 80*$0.32= $25.60
      Saving $25.60 for an hour of walking durning my down time sounds good to me

      Mailing means your in with 10 other peices of mail that day and how would you get the mailing list?


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        How close are the homes there?
        100 of anything wouldn't get me around my block.

        I have no opinion as to which "works" better - there are too many variables.

        If you're on a tight budget and need to stretch things, you could do a "3 up" flyer layout on 8.5x11, photocopy it, cut it into the 3 smaller flyers, and start walking. I did this for snow removal.

        Keep in mind that some areas require a solicitation permit to distribute flyers.
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          Try this:

          Door hangers/fliers work for me.

          1. You can spread many without having to spend $ on postage
          2. When people open their doors, they will have to take them off so you know they will see them (guaranteed exposure)
          3. Sometimes you get to talk to the homeowners if they come to the door to get the door hanger while you are still there. You then have a chance to give an estimate on the spot if they ask for one.

          The return rate is difficult to figure out on both door hangers and post cards but I can tell you that for me it's been worth it. I got a $4000 landscaping job from spreading a few door hangers one day. on the other hand on other days I've spread a couple of hundred and gotten nothing.

          You just have to try it over and over again. persistance is what counts.


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            I looked for an example of my 3-up flyer, but couldn't locate it.

            However, in the following post, there's a PDF at the bottom with the 2-up layout I originally did...

            Just throwing it out there in case someone wasn't sure what I meant by "3-up".
            You'll get 3 flyers from one sheet of letter size paper. It isn't ideal for everything, but it worked for what I wanted to do.


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              100 is not very many. If you are doing them by hand door hangers are better. I haven't done much by way of direct mail but have been told its a better return per piece than door hanging. We mostly do postcards by hand - expecting to pass out 5k-7500 this month. We get about a 3% call rate on those but we get more one time service calls ( spring cleanup-lawn aeration-1 time mow-trim shrubs) than regular customers out of it.
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                5k to 7500 in a month are a lot of door hangers! how long with how many people does that take you? having a 3% return you must have a lot of clients.

                I ordered 5000 door hangers I plan to spread 1000 per month if I don't have a full schedule. i have about 15 lawn customers per week and would like to reach 30 so I can spend the rest of the time doing landscaping work.


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                  Postcards in paper boxes - not door hanging. No walking - all done from small truck so 150/hour is fairly easy to do for 1 person.
                  3% call rate- close on half to two-thirds of the calls.
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                    ah.. got it. do you have to put a postage stamp on them in order to put them in the boxes? Have you gotten into any trouble doing that?

                    last year I had two of my guys go spread door hangers and they put them in mail boxes. I received a call from the police telling me I had to stop that because it wasn't legal to do that.

                    Some say that if you put a postage on them then you can put them in the mail boxes, but if that is the case i would just mail them.


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                      Are you really getting 3%? That's 150 calls for every 5000 items distributed.
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                        I cant imagine driving around and dropping 5000 postcards. Sorry it
                        just doesn't make good business sense to me, unless you are working
                        or wish to work in a specific area or neighborhood. Your result, obtaining
                        a quality client is just to low! You even said it yourself but you continue to do so.

                        If your going to go the postcard route pay the 100 or so bucks for a annual
                        USPS postcard mailing license. Mail them its more professional and more penny smart.

                        I am a firm believer in the 80/20 Business and Economic Rule:
                        80% Profits are from 20% of your clients.

                        With that said Market to them, create solid relationships and then
                        get referrals. There is no better CLIENT than a referred client.
                        If you have something great to offer, everyone will want a piece.

                        Don't get this wrong: I believe that all types of marketing are good ideas,
                        and you should get involved in many, but if they don't create good results
                        then you should seek alternative strategies.

                        How many online directories are you on? How many videos have you distributed online? To How Many Sites other than Youtube?
                        Google Places? Facebook? Blog? Twitter?

                        When people need a service they go to Google. Or they ask a friend.
                        Create a good referral network and create a strong online presence.


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                          How many online directories are you on?
                          You should consider making a post in the seo section and talk a little about the importance of doing such things and what kind of directories should be utilized.
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                            can you please tell me more about the USPS license and how that works? I'm interested in that idea. Do you pay the 100 bucks and mail as many post cards as you want or do you have to pay separate postage for each card.

                            Where can I get more info about this?



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                              I'm interested in that idea. Do you pay the 100 bucks and mail as many post cards as you want or do you have to pay separate postage for each card.
                              If you mean the bulk rate license, you pay one fee per year plus a cost per mailing. Also, you have to mail a minimum of maybe 200 I think now? And they have to be ordered in a certain manner when you present the mailing to the post office.

                              Check out this site and see if it helps.

                              What is Bulk Mail? Is it Right for You?

                              There are down sides to the bulk rate method. The mailing isn't first class, I think it is third class? I think that effect when the mailing goes out and if it gets out at all.

                              For some reason a lot of bulk rate mailings seem to either disappear or never get to their intended reader.

                              Carriers Fired for Not Delivering Unwanted Bulk Mail
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