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    Can you please tell me what you think? I am planning on using this on business cards and t-shirts.
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    You'll scare off the superstitious folks because it looks like a "13".

    It's weird and I like it.
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      Thanks for the reply. I guess I was looking for something that would tie in the blue bird part (hence the sideways bird against the |).

      I feel good about it.


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        I like your idea but I saw 13 until you mentioned the bird. Turn the whole thing on its side, then the bird will show and give you even more of a unique look.

        Just my thought! Leave Lawn Care as is turn the rest on its side.
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          Is that a lady bug on the grass?


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            Is that a lady bug on the grass?
            It is! Very good eye there. I put it in there to have just a little "I Spy" sorta deal...


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              That is great! I didn't realize it was a bird at first. If you want that to stand out more, I bet you could add a little more to it to make it stand out more as a bird.
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