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    Contract with the people I have my website through is about up and I want to find a new company to go through. What I would like to find is someone who will do the initial setup and hosting but would also like a nice editor function to where I can make changes on my own. I am really not looking for the cheapest thing I can find just something with better customer service and flexibility than what I have now. Any suggestions?
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    They are a cool bunch. They don't pass off as "phony" and have been extremely helpful. They will go out of their way for you and do things (if they know how) that aren't in their job description!

    I get so mad sometimes, but it's not their fault - yet when I call they magically brighten my mood and help me out with my issues. They are very friendly, and take interest in solving problems!

    They also don't charge near enough for what you get. I could go on all day.

    They offer you various website building tools and additional fun stuff + credit to use in various advertising methods.

    "simplescripts" <- I wish I could explain... well worth the money!

    I'd take a screenshot of what I'm getting, but it'd take up pages!

    my website (i created it myself) you can do that too!
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      What about
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        I'm not really sure I understand what you mean by "initial setup and hosting".

        I went with Bluehost.
        So far I've been pleased. They have real live Americans to speak to if you need tech support (Based in Utah) as well as chat support.

        Each time I have contacted them, they have been helpful and courteous.

        The down side for me as a web noob is that there doesn't seem to be a REALLY simple way to build a website using the tools provided. They offer several options (Like Joomla). I chose Concrete5 content management system, but it isn't as "simple" as I expected it to be. I have nothing to compare it to, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.


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