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  • Advertising Idea need your opinon

    I had read on the forum about someone handing out flyers in a Ziplock baggies with a couple of pebbles in it not to blow away. This way he could just drive around and throw in the driveways etc. So here's my idea since I live in a smaller town I could easily cover the town quickly:

    Get some Ziplock baggies and inside put my flyer offering Lawn Care and have a special on River Rock install and for this place a couple of nice colored River rocks not to blow away.

    My main objective is the lawn service but may get a landscaping job as well.

    Just would like to hear your opinon on how this sounds or maybe a waste.

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    thats a good idea but in my opinion if i was a customer and i saw that in my yard i most likely wouldnt hire you

    i guess if you have a realllyy nice flyer and some nicee river rocks it would be okay but..

    flyers have a 1-2% chance of working..and i think it slims it down alot if it just looks like trash blown into someones yard..just my thought..
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      That's crazy!

      Though I am impressed with your ideas!

      The best way to hand out flyers, is with a hand bag & by foot. (A friend comes in handy, as you want to pass out flyers to both sides of the street)

      A vehicle is just a burden makes me sad...


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        Not to be Mr. Negative here, but I didn't like the idea the first time I heard it...and if I did like it, I don't like it now

        IMO flyers have such a low grab rate as it is. Putting them in a disposable baggie just makes it easier to throw out. And not to mention the ones that don't get picked up adding to the litter that is already plaguing our world.

        I know for a fact that by knocking on doors and meeting your potential client is a far better way then trying to market cheaply. I know you are trying to blanket your area quickly, but don't do it at the expense of giving the wrong impression.

        Again this is my take what you need from it, if any.


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          I give you an A+ for being creative and thinking!

          When you do your marketing, you can blast the area with a shotgun, spray and pray. Hoping someone will respond or you can focus your sights on individual homeowners.

          I would think you could get a better response if you talked to people than doing a mass flyer distribution.

          Ultimately you either spend time or spend money to get your marketing message out.

          If you try to do it cheaply on both sides (time & money) you end up wasting both.

          Feel free to experiment though and let us know what you think of it afterwards.
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