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    With card to scan - 2.75% + $.15 per transaction
    Without card (type it in) - 3.50% + $.15 per transaction

    SO, at 100.00$ i would be charged 2.75% = 2.75$ and .15$ = 2.90$

    Sorry, i was kind of out of it lastnight while i was typing that.

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      Credit Cards/Data Package

      Last post on accepting credit cards has been a while. Curious what data package is needed, what phone you use (I'm on Verizon), and what CC company you use? For Verizon I've heard both the Droid and Iphone? Comments on either preference? Looking to offer this service to customers, not aware of any other lawn service in my area doing it so far.



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        i have verizon and im sure you would need a data package which is like 30.00 a month.

        here is one for the iphone


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          Here is one>

          and here is another>

          Looks like you need one of the android type phones, which i dont have yet, but fees look reasonable. There are more out there, but these are the 2 that I have been looking at recently. I will have to upgrade my phone though before I can do this.

          It possibly could be an advertizing asset to let customers know you can "NOW" accept credit cards. And it might be just the thing for those customers who are the kind that like to "pay late". Just let them know you would accept their cc instead of them writing a check later, which is saving you the hassle of having to continually remind them to pay. Sure you have some small fees, but in the U.S. they would be deductible as a business expense.


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            and here is another>
            2.7% if you swipe the card & 3.7% if you enter manually - no other fees
            American express is different(2.9% + 15 cents/transaction I think)

            If you do not take a lot of credit cards this is probably a pretty good option & there is no contract (can cancel whenever).
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