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would you use lawn signs?

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  • would you use lawn signs?

    the signs in peoples yard that usauly says "for sale" instead have it say ****** Lawn Care Call 555-5757. if you would use it would you put it on a busy street but then its a higher speed limit and lots of larger signs people may not even see the sign or even read it. but if you put it on a rural street slower speed limit people see it (only one) but not many people pass by. a billboard besides being 1500 a month would not show how well your work is.

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    I think you need a permit for every sign you put up, even on your own lawn.

    The worst thing for me, & why I don't use it. I just can't decide on where to put it, it frustrates me so it's in the garage collecting... garage dust..

    On an intersection, how do I know if I put the sign facing this way, that I will lose a potential customer by not having the sign face that way?

    The answer would be to have more signs, but then things look silly.

    I also don't think any customers want a sign on their property anyway.

    If they're neighbors want to hire you, they can just talk to you when you are there, or ask your customer for your number.

    If your not trying to get neighbors but just people passing by, you'd need a pretty big sign on your customers lawn for them to see, which your customer would hate.

    Steve posted a thread like this last year where something like the above DID work.

    Though the sign read, "Property maintained & *some other word that would prevent people from trying to break into the customers house"

    your sign would have to do two things at once, advertise, & prevent burglars... the elderly customers might like this.

    Damn.. what was that other word... "Maintained &... patrolled" <****- lmao


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      a billboard besides being 1500 a month would not show how well your work is.
      Who's to say for sure what would happen until you try it! How much could it cost to put a sign together? A few bucks? If you have a hunch, try it out and see what happens.

      I'd love to hear what you think of the marketing experiment.
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        It's one thing I have to do and not really my idea, we have had sever clients ask if we would place our sign on their peoperty, main reason....people stopping after we are gone asking who did that? Mainly New driveways, tree cutting/chipping and excavation, don't recall a lawn care client ever mentioning it. I will get a few and see what happens.
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