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Synergetic Marketing Sales/1-800-Marketing for Success- Things you should be aware of

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    The reason that I am looking into this is that over half of my customers live in the real world and not in the online world. Only the younger generation uses the web that I find and they usually do not have the same amounts disposable income.


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      I am not saying Synergetic Marketing Sales wasn't better. However what do you really get beside a big bill? The service that I have I only pay 9.95 per month and it's not per zip. Synergetic is per zip. Has your company grown while using their service? Do you think that it was a good investment?
      Leon, Exactly my point. I think if you find a marketing company that follows up and gets you results, they can be invaluable. SMS talked a great game to get us to sign the two year contract, but when it got down to actually helping us create and market our brand the way that they told us they would, they fell short. I am sure it has worked for some but it just did not for us. We were left with the impression that they were more concerned with the monthly fee than really making us sucessful. And, like I said in the beginning of this thread, it is not like we did not try.


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        With all of this said, does anyone feel it would simply be better to hire a marketing company who's goal is to help you gain more customers, not sell you an 800 service?

        Also a marketing company that won't have a 2 year contract but instead a pay as you go agreement?
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          I don't know I guess if you are a very big company then yes you should hire one. With me I am a very small I can't see hiring a marketing company. After my meeting with Synergetic I just took what the was shared with me a did my own marketing. I guess you can't beat the word of mouth, door to door game. My vanity number does help people to remmber my company. I think it help if a customer is driving down the street an see the truck/roadside sign. What number will you remember 301 555 3571 or 1888 412 LAWN.
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            phone line

            try a majicjack phone line on your computer your computer has to be on to use it very cheap way for a phone bill works for me.


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