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  • Great Idea!

    If you have ever made a purchase at Canadian Tire, you'd notice they give you their own form of currency back along with your change. "Canadian Tire Money"

    I think this is brilliant.

    It's a great customer retention strategy, & to make sure customers will continue to do business with you because they have somewhat of a savings, maybe towards a free mowing?!

    Maybe for every $50.00 your customer spends, they can receive $4.00 in your companies currency?

    By next year, they might have enough for a free mowing, or they may even plan on saving this form of currency for even longer!

    It would be better than a business card & magnet combined! Word of mouth would for sure spread!

    I have a huge wad of Canadian Tire paper bills, it's not a lot, but it's seriously a savings I never had before - or with other stores of the like.

    What do you guys think?

    I'm sure there are some cons, like tracking who has X amount at the moment bla bla.

    Or how to make sure people don't photocopy the bills, though you'd be tracking the customer anyway. And we'd probably get it done professionally.

    Coupons & discounts are old news I figure. Though loyalty rewards seem like so much more, taking a leap further into expanding a business like ours, the correct way.

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    If you've every been to a nutrition/ supplement store, many of them offer a card, which they will stamp every visit.

    For every time you visit, & if your card has been stamped to their limit (usually 6 visits) you receive 25% off your next purchase.

    Imagine that...

    Customers will hold on to this card, maybe even have a key chain attachment for it.

    You'd need to customize a stamp, maybe with several different types of colors so people don't get away with forging. (blue first time, yellow second, green third, etc) create a pattern so you'd know who's tricking you. Switch the pattern every season.

    Every time they pay, you stamp their card.

    The reward you give is up to you!


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      I also believe that this will keep a few customers from avoiding us during payment. I mean, they kinda benefit now & won't be as hesitant!

      All you need to do is get a business card made with the saying,

      "Present this card while making a payment towards our lawn maintenance service"


      "Get your card stamped six (6) times by our representatives with each payment towards our lawn maintenance service."

      Something like that. Get a nice stamp made, & get the ink at the dollar store - done!

      Just adjust the amount you have to stamp the card, 6 times may be low, but for me that's as long as my season lasts. Which will guarantee these people to hire me the following year. Is it worth it? It's better than not having them stick with me, so yeah!

      I'm thinking about putting these out, with my business cards.

      I'll even give them 1 stamp, just so they feel closer to that benefit of being with me.

      It sounds like an awesome way to advertise. "Here is our card, now here is a card saying you are getting closer to a free mowing" especially compared to other companies. People who have never hired a service may get involved & give it a shot if they know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

      I'd even be specific about the card, we don't want to give free mowing to really large properties, so maybe we'd write the property details on the back, & double the amount of times their card needs to be stamped. (give or take).


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        Sorry I keep making posts. I'm always a little late to add to my former posts, lol.

        Here is an example of what I'm thinking about doing, & dropping at every house in my area.

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          Great ideas!

          Here is an example of what I'm thinking about doing, & dropping at every house in my area.
          Would these be houses you already service or no?

          Also, this year, could you get your customers to prepay every month so you don't have to track them down?
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            Thats a great idea Breeze, i think for me and my company, i would use it to

            encourage the customer to utilize my extra services ( pressure cleaning,

            mulching, gutters, etc.) My mowing clients are on yearly contracts, same

            amount every month all year long, so i am not looking to try and retain them

            for the next growing season. But i make alot more money in the extra work, so

            offering for ex. $5.00 off lawncare for every $50.00 spent in other services

            sounds like a nice offer. You are creating more business, marketing more

            services, and giving back to client all in one promotion.
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              Oh yea that is interesting. So you could create these 'bucks' for the customer to use on additional services!
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                I might just send these out to my current customers also.
                Though I'd up the amount of stamps they need, considering that's a lot of free mowing. Though even if, I don't really stress out considering I can always so no once I reach my client "cap", the point I am no longer interested in taking on new lawn maintenance customers.

                I would like to actually put these cards towards other services, up sells... The problem is I wouldn't really have the time. I would disappoint a lot of people.

                I need to think of the service that is the most efficiently done, & nothing seems to beat mowing.

                If I have to mow 10 lawns for free in 2011, it sucks, but it's better than going on roofs with a bunch of tools & cleaning gutters which has a chance of being more difficult to do, when you have to take apart the down spouts etc. My price for gutter cleaning is too low as it is, though that's why I've been hired by many customers in the first place, nothing will change here.

                Mowing, you go in, you cut/trim/blow. It's done, & that is something the customer can see & appreciate. A customer is rarely going to climb their roof to check if the job has been done, & doesn't show as much as a beautifully cut lawn.

                I would love to do maybe a $10.00 off garden weeding stamp card, but not everyone has a garden.

                My biggest problem is figuring out how many stamps my clients need before a free mowing.

                I want them to receive a benefit early, so they get the feeling of "earning" faster (which is what everyone wants).

                Though I do not want to be booked like crazy for free mowings next year. I mind as well just tough it out, it is a benefit.

                My season lasts from May 1st till October 16th... About 5 1/2 months.

                My prices are set at $50.00 - $60.00 - $80.00 / month

                I like my lawns to be worth what I price them at, you may think my prices are low but I make sure I am efficient enough.

                Two $50/month lawns can be done fast enough to consider them both as one $100/month lawn.

                I never want to break my tight route & I often negotiate with myself when it comes to finding one big money maker, vs several small money makers. I think I have a better chance with several small lawns because if I lose one big one, I can't just replace it.

                So for my $50.00/month lawns maybe I can give them *6* stamps for a free mowing, that's one free mowing give or take the following year in June.

                $60.00/month lawns, maybe I'd need to stamp them 8 times

                $80.00/month laws, 10 stamps will be required.

                This way I make my moneys worth, & lawns will be booked easier & I wont need to do them all around the same time. Unless they save their card for later months.

                I can hear it now...

                "let's hire this company for the year, & we're guaranteed a savings next year"

                "When we decide to take a big family vacation in a few years, we'll have enough cards to save on lawn service for the entire month we are away"

                I should market this hardcore!


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                  What if just that happens Breeze, lets just say %50 of your customers save

                  up there stamps, and they use them all at once. WOW, not just your income,

                  buthalf of all money ( operating expenses, income, taxes ) is gone, not coming

                  in. Even if it was split a couple months a %25 decrease would hurt me.

                  If it works for you, then thats great, but i see it being detrimental in the long

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                    Oh yea that is interesting. So you could create these 'bucks' for the customer to use on additional services!
                    Well, that might work also, but what i was thinking is you hire me to......ok

                    example - I offer pressure cleaning to my customers in a moble home park for

                    $55.00 single wide, $65.00 double wide extra for porches, driveways etc. but

                    you get the point. They have these services done regardless, but more

                    existing lawncare customers may use me to provide this to them knowing

                    that each time they spend $50.00 they will get $5 off there lawncare bill.

                    That deal spreads by word of mouth to non-customers, BAM you have a new

                    lawncare customer, and a new pressure cleaning client.

                    The discount is immediate, or atleast as immediate as your next invoice for

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                      I wonder what I can do to prevent that.

                      Worst case scenario, if I maintain 50 customers. Around $75.00/month

                      2011, if they all use there free mowing card... My schedule doesn't change which is a bonus, but that's negative $937.50 doing free mowing for all of them.

                      Though considering marketing often does cost around $1000.00 to begin with, it seems like a small & acceptable negative. I'll consider it marketing, that's all.

                      I have to remind myself that this loss is beneficial considering many of them will start up & stick with me long term because of it.

                      I would just hate for all of them to save up their cards for 10 years lol, negative $9375.00, that's really the worst case scenario.

                      So an expiration date would be wise to add.



                      For all of you who know what "Costco" is, the warehouse store that sells everything in bulk.

                      If you pay for a membership card, you get discounts. I'm trying to think of how I can put this towards my business.

                      Though I feel as if Costco is scammish/smart.

                      Like you pay what? $50.00/month for the card & you do groceries every week & spend $100.00 times 4 weeks = $400.00... How much are we saving vs giving them our money for this card every month?

                      Do they only profit when we decide not to go there? It seems silly, it's great for customer retention, though if they keep their customers they lose an arm & leg... Though I'm certain they overprice everything anyway & the discounts are phony...

                      I don't want to overcharge, then have my customers buy a membership card that gives them a discount a.k.a usual cost for my service. Not only does it feel wrong, competition would eat me up.


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                        My thought on it is this. Most lawn care customers are going to want their lawn cut weekly throughout the year once they sign up with you. There for, giving them a free cut when they are already expecting to get this service from you and are willing to pay for it, may not help you.

                        I have seen pizzerias offer something like buy 10 pies and get your card stamped each time, then your 11th pizza is free.

                        This gets folks to buy 10 pizzas where they might not or gets them to buy all the pizzas from their pizzeria, where they might otherwise buy them from different pizzerias to mix things up a little.

                        Lawn care customers have no interest in having multiple lawn care companies, service them.

                        If the goal is to get the customer to pay on time, I would think there might be better ways to handle it. Why not have them prepay? We see many businesses here do this and it seems to work for them.

                        I like the 'bucks' idea if you could use them for upsells. Things like power washing or other services they may not ordinarily purchase. Now You probably don't want to give anything away for free. You could word it another way but I don't know if it would alter the effectiveness. What if you said the 'bucks' can be applied to additional services for up to 50% of the total cost?

                        Would something like that help?
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                          Oh yea that is interesting. So you could create these 'bucks' for the customer to use on additional services!
                          I wouldn't worry so much about customers saving up, keep in mind they have to spend money to get the 2 or 3% Breeze cash you are talking about.

                          My concern is this has to be carried on your balance sheet as a liability which may be no big deal unless you are financing and the lender starts asking a pile of questions.

                          Canadian Tire money didn't work in Western Canada, I know this as I lived there for years for a host of reasons, they simply gave you a discount at cash if you paid cash.

                          I have to wonder down deep inside if discounts will grow a business...???

                          I do shop at Costco, our American friends know it as Sams I believe, Costco is actually an American owned company, I buy all our water and a host of stuff for the guys from there and some things for the house.

                          I prefer to give discounts for referrals that end up in a sale or contract, simple and done with, referral discount is equal to one free mow or spray up to the lesser of the value of your spray or the referral. All you are doing is expanding your network which is a good thing, it's free marketing and sales.
                          Halifax, Nova Scotia


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                            I prefer to give discounts for referrals that end up in a sale or contract
                            Do you have to worry about a referral where it is a one time mow or something relatively small? Or is that never an issue?
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                              The problem for me when offering a discount to those who refer me. Is that the customer they refer me to is crap. They don't last long enough to make the discount I have given work.

                              It's a big mess, though I suppose the discount can be passed on the year after to assure the new customer actually stuck around the full season. I just don't wanna have my customers feel that I cheated them out of a discount as they did provide me with a customer & it's considered my job to keep them.

                              Actually, the discount can be per one month. Though I wouldn't give the discount until I have seen the new customer stick around for at least one month & make the proper payment. It's all tricky. It's all another thing that needs to be explained word for word on a flyer -$$$.

                              With my idea, I might not profit hardcore, & sink to the quantity over quality of customers for a little while. Though eventually when I grow, I wont have this deal & customers can either stay or leave. No deals, no nothing.

                              I didn't expect to profit last year, or this year, though next year is where my hopes are at.

                              1st year = preparation, trial & error (follow)
                              2nd year = fixing mistakes, better organization, adjust strategy (compete)
                              3rd year = do it right (lead)

                              ALSO #######

                              Listen to this while we talk about business, it helps.

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