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  • New Idea for Marketing...

    I had a company contact me wanting to barter their services for ours.

    They do printing and such and are looking to partial barter labor costs for their services. Then I seen they do "Trading Cards"!!!

    I got to thinking, we will compile a "Set" of cards and give each customer a random card each service date, and for larger jobs they get 2, 3, 4, 5 or more cards depending.

    Once they collect a "Complete Set" they get some sort of a "Gift".... Free mulch and installation... or something to that nature. *With restrictions ofcourse, up to XXXsqft etc...*

    I will have my team pose for the cards, on the mower, with latest installs, weed-eating, etc...

    What do you guys think, have you ever tried anything like this? I think it will work decent, maybe even get other neighbors involved to "Trade" cards with... Might even help bring the community closer!

    Worth a shot, I will let you know how it works out and post pictures when we get the proofs in.

    I plan to have pictures on the front with card #, and business card information on the back.

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    I think that is are great idea!

    I loved it when MacDonalds had those games, Free Fry!!
    Artie Crowley


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      Oh I'd love to see what these are going to look like.

      You could also have these trading cards display different services you offer. So if you are at a home that could use a power washing, you could leave a card that says did you know we also offer power washing? Along with a quote.

      Just another thought

      Keep us posted.
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