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Is anyone interested in a door hanger or postcard designed for free?

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  • Is anyone interested in a door hanger or postcard designed for free?

    Hi guys,

    We're testing out our new service & would like to know if anyone wants to get a postcard, door hanger, or other ad designed for free. Our designers are expert freelancers & the whole process would be customized for you. We've got a few others that we'll be starting next week & want to offer a free design here. You can see our site at

    I'd like to see if anyone here is interested. Let me know.

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    Hi David,

    What a nice offer! I hope the members of the forum take you up on this!
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      Im in!!! who what where? cant wait to get designing!!


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        Count me in- I'm in the gutter maintenance business though...will that be ok?


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          Thanks guys. Glad to see an interest. We'll give someone a chance to hold their own advertisement design contest. So tell me what you'd like to have designed. A postcard, door hanger, logo, etc....

          We'll pick someone & they can launch their own contest at We'll waive the listing fee & give you a coupon for a $250 prize amount for free. It won't cost you a thing. All I'd like is your feedback during the process, & a testimonial at the end to use on our site.

          I'm not sure how to pick the winner. Any ideas? Only 2 have responded, so maybe you could paper-rock-scissors for it



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            Count me in- I'm in the gutter maintenance business though...will that be ok?
            Of course that's ok! Any business can benefit from a professionally designed advertisement.


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              I would be looking for a gutter cleaning postcard.


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                OK you two, I'm thinking of a number between 1 & 1,000. Pick a number & respond with it here. I'll tell Steve the number so there's no funny business

                Whoever is closest can run their contest. It needs to be started on Monday September 14th. (or 15th at the latest). & run for 4 weeks. I'll help you through the whole process.

                If anyone else still wants to win the free custom ad design, you can chime in with a number guess & tell me what you want designed.

                Your numbers need to be in by Friday at 11:59pm Pacific Time & I'll announce the winner Saturday.



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                  My # is 500 Im looking at advertising in my direct neighborhood. I have plenty of people stop and ask what do i have to do to my lawn to make it look like yours. We have a neighborhood of about 500 homes with landscaping crews crawling all over the place. I think if direct people to my exact address and see what they get for the money..they will be sold. plus my over head goes way down

                  PS Good Luck jon6336


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                    I'd be greatful if I could still get in on this. I'd certainly be willing to get in on it if possible. I'd be looking for lawn care material.

                    Thanks in advance!


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                      I pick #41. Let me know.


                      How much does something like this cost typically?


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                        Of course you can still get in on this. Anyone can until Friday before midnight. Just tell pick a number 1-1000 & tell me what kind of lawn care material you want (flyer, postcard, doorhanger)? What you need doesn't determine who wins, I just want to know what stuff you guys need.


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                          jon6336, Thanks for the number. Our services work & are priced as so:

                          1. YOU pick what you need designed (postcard, door hanger, radio ad...)
                          2. YOU pick how much you want to pay for a professional design (The more you offer, the more designs you'll get to choose from. The less you offer, the more you'll save!).
                          3. YOU pick a deadline
                          4. We post this need in the form of a contest.
                          5. There's a $39 listing fee & all charges are payable AFTER you find a design you like.
                          6. You'll receive 30-100+ custom designs from expert designers around the world.
                          7. You can interact with the designs, provide feedback, & request modifications until you get a powerful ad design.
                          8. When you get a design you like, you download it instantly.

                          For this contest, we're waiving the listing fee & giving a $250 coupon = FREE design.

                          If anyone you know is interested in a custom advertisement design, send them to prova.


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                            Thanks guys. The number I picked was 777 which makes Seann the winner. Congratulations Seann. Head on over to for your FREE custom advertisement design.

                            jon6336, & Saddlewood, if you're still interested, I can offer you 50% off the price of your custom design ($145 savings). Just let me know & I'll help you get setup.

                            Let me know what you think of the homepage/site. How well does it explain our service. When you're ready (& before Monday), launch a contest. Enter $250 for the pay & pick a deadline about 4 weeks from now. I'll give you a coupon code that will take $289 off the total price, making it free.

                            We start launching all our other contests Monday, so please get yours in! If you have any questions, please let me know.



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