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    Do you know about what your competitors are paying. In my area mine are paying anywhere from 8 to 11 for general labor, with crew leaders making around 12. I have two guys who have been with me less than a year and they make 9 and 9.50 respectively. Anyways, make sure you pay your guys a respectable wage, make them earn their raises, and make sure its a wagevyou can afford. Also, dont forget when your budgeting to make sure that you dont forget about payroll taxes. If you take you your employees hourly wage and multiply it by 1.35 that is what that employee will be costing you.
    I'm in the South Kansas City area, so I'd have to imagine, the pay you referred to has got to be fairly close to what's being paid here too. And yes, that's my one of biggest struggles right now is that I want to offer a fair wage, but of course maximize my profit as well.

    Thanks for the info!


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